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Next Generation Technologies!
  • Zero Brine is Finally a Cost-Effective Reality! 

  • 99%+ Water Recovery

  • Can be Used to Remediate All Types of Impaired Water Sources

  • Can be Renewably Powered

Out of our deep support as a Founding Industry Partner of the National Alliance for Water Innovation over the last 4 years, we have now built close relationships with over a dozen inventors, researchers, and companies whom we believe will drive the future of water remediation. Several of our partners are already winning recognition for their breakthroughs as their technologies move into commercialization. Our company has the exclusive rights to bring these technologies into the agriculture market. 

The most important of these breakthroughs is the non-Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge Technology based on Switchable Solvent technology developed by one of our partners. We can now recover 99% of the water in RO or EDR brine and concentrate the final brine to over 400,000 mg/L. This can be done at a price point that is 20% of current thermally based ZLD processes that actually can recover the water in the brine.  And if you currently truck brine off for ocean disposal or deep well injection, we can save you at least 50% on your current trucking and disposal bill, plus we will recover the water you are currently wasting. 


Desalinating impaired water sources is the only practical path forward for creating the significant new supplies of water needed by Agriculture to offset the cuts in surface water delivery, and in groundwater pumping that are now underway throughout the West.


Whether you are an irrigation district, or a grower, and whether you want an additional 300 acre-feet per year of water supply, 10,000 acre-feet, or even 100,000 acre-feet, you should get in touch with us and find out what the latest generation of breakthrough technologies are capable of. We have the only cost-effective Zero Brine technology currently in the market. It is the first and only technology to actually solve the brine disposal problems that have blocked practically every inland desalination project in the West.


Desalinating brackish groundwater, tile water, seawater intrusion, recycled water, and produced water is finally both cost effective, and practical, for agriculture. 

We are Project Developers and System Integrators. We will evaluate the feasibility of your project for free. We will recommend and price out the best water remediation technologies and the best renewable technologies for your particular needs. We can then permit and construct and turn a desal plant over to you on a turnkey basis, or we can own and operate it and treat your water for you for a per acre foot fee. 

Our focus is mainly on water for agriculture in the western states - from California to Texas - but we are open to other projects.

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    Now You Can Affordably Remediate these Water Sources for Irrigation!
    Wells with High TDS
    Irrigation Tile Runoff Water
    Oil Produced Water
    Wells with Seawater Intrusion
    Effluent from Municipal WWTP Plants

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    10/28/2021 - Global Water Innovations is excited to announce that we are one of the five startups chosen to compete Nov. 9th for seed funding in the AgSharks Pitch Competition at the upcoming Western Growers Annual Meeting in San Diego!

    10/18/2021 - Global Water Innovations is pleased to announce that we will be supplying to Ventura County the Zero Liquid Discharge technology package we put together and previously piloted for the Piru WWTP. Construction is anticipated to start in December. Our equipment will remediate 200 GPM of effluent from the WWTP so that it can safely be used for groundwater recharge in the Piru basin. 

    Our Pre-Treatment Technology for Produced Water is Now in Successful Commercial Use in the Gulf!

    8/1/2021 - Global Water Innovations is pleased to announce that the Electrocoagulation AOP technology we had previously identified for pretreating produced water has now moved into commercial status. It is now being very successfully used to cost-effectively treat produced water coming in off of barges in the Gulf of Mexico. See the video to the left to see the Hydroxyl Radicals generated by this process quickly breaking down any Hydrocarbons present, and causing all the sediment in the produced water to coagulate out. The resulting water can then be put through our EDR or RO technologies for desalination, and then all remaining water recovered in our Zero Brine process. 

    9/18/2020 - Clark Easter, the CEO of Global Water Innovations was honored to be asked to help represent NAWI in their virtual presentation to U.S. Congressional Staff concerning NAWI's mission of advancing affordable desalination technologies -- specifically around the needs of agriculture.

    Go to to view the recording. 

    12/15/2019 - Global Water Innovations is pleased to announce that we have achieved what we believe to be the highest water recovery - 96% - ever demonstrated in the state during our 2 week pilot at the Piru Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ventura County. We demonstrated that we can economically desalinate the effluent from the plant so that its TDS and Cl levels can meet state MCL's for groundwater recharge. Reducing the brine to only 4% by volume will enable us to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge at this site.

    9/23/2019 - Global Water Innovations became a founding corporate member of the National Alliance for Water Innovation ("NAWI") right at its inception in 2017. We are very excited that the DOE has now chosen NAWI as the national hub for desalination innovation, backing it with $100 million of funding, and we look forward to working on projects with our research partners in NAWI to develop and pilot low cost Zero Brine technologies to produce new supplies of affordable water for agriculture.

    7/15/2019 - Global Water Innovations is pleased to announce that we have added what we believe to the be the leading ElectroDialysis Reversal Desalination Technology ("EDR") to our toolbox of disruptive technologies. With water recovery of 95%+, less maintenance, less chemicals, and competitive energy usage, this technology is a great foundation for turning your brackish groundwater into an affordable water resource. Our innovative Switchable Solvent Zero Brine technology can then take the brine and reduce it to dry salts. 

    MI END System.gif

    Global Water Innovations is pleased to announce that we have added what we consider to be the next generation of Reverse Osmosis technology to our toolbox of disruptive technologies. This RO is enhanced by AOP Hydrodynamic Cavitation pretreatment. Water recovery of 95% plus, significantly less fouling and scaling than traditional RO, automated remote operation, and energy use up to 35% less. Can be fully solar powered. Even if your farm only needs 300 AF per year, this technology can be affordable! Zero Brine when combined with our Switchable Solvent Technology

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