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Our Team

Clark - Conference Headshot.jpg
Clark Easter, Founder and CEO


Clark founded GWI in 2017 to solve California agriculture’s growing need for significant new water supplies by identifying and bringing to market the needed new technologies to get to cost-effective Zero Brine, 100% water recovery.  


Out of his vision he became a founding industry partner of the National Alliance for Water Innovation, and has worked closely with them over the last 4 years to help write their Agricultural Roadmap. That work has also led to GWI partnering with a dozen companies to bring their technologies to market.


Prior to GWI, Clark founded or cofounded companies in the geospatial, health, and educational areas, including XL Health, Spectrum K12, and Shawmut Engineering.


He holds a BA from Harvard and an MA from the University of Santa Monica.

Jeanette HS.jpg
Jeanette Lombardo, Cofounder and CSO


Jeanette has decades of experience in agricultural and water. She is Executive Director of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, and sits on the U.S. EPA Farmers, Ranchers and Rural Communities Water Quality Advisory Board.

She is the former President of California Women for Agriculture, and American Agri-Women, and was a Board Member of the LA Region CA State Water Board, which oversees 98 cities’ water quality.


She served on the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Fruits and Vegetables advising the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.


She earned a BA in business management from California State University – Fullerton.

Jim Thompson Picture.jpg
Jim Thompson, COO and CFO


Jim has held a variety of finance positions in M&A, manufacturing, real estate and construction. In his previous role as Regional Finance Leader for Johnson Control’s South America division he led the acquisition of a Brazilian seating business, growing revenue by $150 million.


As Director of Corporate Transactions at Visteon, he led the $250 million development of their Global Headquarters, on-time and under budget. He held various positions at Ford Motor Company over 10 years and has a track record of building cohesive and effective teams. Early in his career, Jim worked in construction in Northern California.


He earned a BA from San Jose State and an MBA from University of Michigan.

Terry Mah alt.jpg
Terry Mah, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Terry Mah is an experienced and recognized result-oriented leader in the water industry with over two decades of international experience supporting companies and communities address challenges around resource management. As Founder of The Malabar Group, Terry supports the development of pragmatic solutions for improving resource management and creating value by developing strategies that leverage innovation, foster productive partnerships, improve resilience, and generate growth for clients ranging from large multinational corporations, tech start-ups, private equity and investment banks, and other stakeholders.


Prior to establishing The Malabar Group, a large part of Terry’s career was spent with Veolia, where he had a number of executive positions that included management of different technology, EPC and operating services platforms, managing parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East as the Chief Operating Officer of Veolia’s global water technology group, Veolia Water Technologies, and serving as the Chief Operating Officer and President of Veolia North America’s water, waste and energy business, overseeing a $2 billion line of business. 

Casey Houweling,  Board Member

Casey Houweling is the managing director and the owner of the Houweling Group of Companies with horticultural holdings in Canada and the USA. Production takes place on 200 acres of greenhouses, around 50 acres of which in Vancouver, Canada and 150 acres in Mona, Utah and Camarillo, California in the USA.  

Out of his long experience in growing tomatoes in greenhouses, Casey proposed a revolutionary new design in 2009 that he thought would excel for growing tomatoes in Camarillo, CA. He partnered with KUBO out of Holland for final design and build services, while retaining the IP and patents to what is now known as the “Ultra-Clime” greenhouse. This  semi-closed greenhouse design enables horticulture to thrive in regions where growing under glass was previously not an option. Over 700 hectares of Ultra-Clima greenhouses are currently in use, on every continent in the world. The greenhouse enables optimal climate control. Advantages of the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse include improved productivity, improved food safety, lower energy and water consumption, lower CO emissions and ultimately improved returns.

Bob Rudnick, Cofounder, Business Development  


Bob is the youngest member of an agriculture family that consisted of eleven children from Bakersfield, California. His family has had a history in agriculture for over 100 years through the ownership and operation of meat packing plants, feedlots, farms and ranches in Nevada, California and Arizona. One of their ranches was the one million acre 3 V Ranch, now owned by the Navajo Nation, which is located on the north rim of the Grand Canyon near Seligman. Parts of another, the Onyx Ranch, were sold to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in order to locate and construct the two Los Angeles Aqueducts. Another part was sold for the construction of Lake Isabella. The family also partnered to develop one of the largest sources of water in the state - at Helendale, California.

Bob received his B.S. in Real Estate from the University of Southern California and his JDS from
Southwestern School of Law. Bob's working experience in agriculture provides Global Water Innovations, Inc. with  the ability to develop business in California and many other western states.

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